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I never believed I would be curious about in video games. Growing up, I never took on much passion in them and never ever possessed a gaming console.

But everything changed when my grandpa passed away. He was a huge gamer, and he left me his cherished Game Boy Pocket in his will. At first, I was not positive what to do with it. I took a couple of video games, but I discovered them annoying and challenging.

But then I bought Pokemon Red and every little thing modified. It was such as a complete new world had opened up for me. I spent uncountable hours discovering the world of Pokemon, catching and educating my own team, and battling other trainers.

It was after that that I understood simply how strong and fascinating video games can be. I desired to show my passion for gaming with others, and that’s when I decided to begin my own gaming blog. It’s been a trip packed with thrill and find, and I wish to encourage others with my story and my love for gaming.